Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Yogic encampment - an inspiring retreat

It is time for our yogic encampment in the lush green vale near Church Stretton. I always look forward to this week of camping on the land of one of our students.

Part of our encampment

We gather for a week to practice yogic song, meditation, dance, Tantric craft, Tibetan yoga and much more.
The shrine in the yurt we use as our gompa
​This is always a splendid and most inspiring event. The regency dancing is part of our practice of Natural Heroism. Regency dancing requires precision but also playfulness. It requires concentration but is also flirtatious. If everyone is moving in the same manner at the same time with the music it is a startlingly beautiful and meditative experience. I have three new dances to teach on this retreat, so I am looking forward to that.

The​ photographs ​are from last year’s retreat. 

Aro Ling Cardiff will be closed for that week: Saturday 28th June to Sunday 6th July. For more details see the blog, meetup, or

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  1. hope you're all having a fabulous time at the campground! looks like great fun!


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