Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wild flower garden

We sowed two new circles of wild flowers before we left for Nepal. They seem to be surprisingly difficult to establish considering that they are supposedly ‘wild’ and could be expected to thrive without much care or attention.There are a few tiny shoots showing, but that is all. The patches that we sowed last year are doing well, although only a few varieties have come through. What I would really like is daisies and poppies. We have sowed poppies, so we’ll have to wait and see, but daisies have disappeared from my garden. I’m also hoping to be able to acquire some ramsons.

Bluebells & Whitebells with Poached Egg plants front left.
Clover & Dandelion
Wild Strawberry
Buttercups and Red Clover

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  1. our garden usually has lots of poppies. Last year we had too many and Peter rigorously dug them up, but we expected a few would have self seeded anyway and that this year we'd have just the right amount. Gak! This year we have none!! (Ann S)


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