Sunday, 19 January 2014

Perfect Sunday

It has been a beautiful day - sunny, with hardly a cloud in the sky. We took advantage of a weekend day free of rain (it poured yesterday) to walk in Coed y Wenallt.  Most of our experience of Coed y Wenallt is on horseback, and today we finally laid the ghost of feeling ‘we should really be riding’.  We visited a wonderfully knobbly tree that has always fascinated us, but is just before a stretch the horses always canter, and so not in a good spot to ask for a patient pause!  On foot you can touch the tree, walk all round it and view it from different angles, and of course take photographs.  Riding a horse through such a landscape is also an enjoyable experience, but Dee is too difficult and unpredictable to be confident of an enjoyable ride. Perhaps I may ride again somewhere, sometime, but I think my days of riding Dee are done.

With all the rain we have been having there were many rivulets running through the wood with delightful little waterfalls.  I took my camera off ‘auto’ for a lot of shots and am pleased with the results. The light was particularly interesting today with long shadows and shiny highlights.  Shoots in the undergrowth suggested signs of spring, but I am sure it is too early for that.

I had prepared a flask of warmed orange juice with a bag of mulling spice in it, and we enjoyed this with a bar of chocolate in the meadow near the car park.  Then home for a chicken dinner which had been cooking all day in the slow cooker.  A perfect Sunday.

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