Monday, 6 January 2014

Creativity and organisation

Happy New Year!

I am a little late with my greetings this year because I have been unwell over the new year – nothing serious, but an unfriendly cough that has been preventing sleep.  I am a lot better now, and back at Aro ling Cardiff today to open the centre for the first time in 2014.

I have not particularly made any resolutions for this new year, and yet there are some intentions that I am feeling quite strongly:
1. to bring artwork into my life a little more vividly,
2. to be more organised around my writing and editing responsibilities,
3. to read more,
and, the perennial intention . . .
4. to lose some more weight.

The first of these I am approaching via Blipfoto and a The Documented Life Project.  I am going to upload a photograph every day this year to Blipfoto.  The Documented Life Project offers a themed challenge each week.  These two sites have already put me in touch with many, many people enjoying creating art.  I love the range of ability and approach that the contributors display.  My photo-montage for the first week’s Documented Life challenge was also my blipfoto for yesterday, and it is also illustrating my blog today – very good use of the time taken over creating the piece of artwork.

I have started well on the third intention.  As I was ill over the new year I did a lot of reading.  I finished one book that I had been reading a while and read two others.  So my Goodreads challenge for 2014 is already showing three books.  I love to read, but find it difficult to find the right time in my day for it.  I have a rotation: Dharma book, fiction novel, something written in Welsh.  I could race through fiction at a great rate, but I am a slow Dharma reader.  I have to concentrate in a different way to really read and digest a Dharma book well, and also feel I should make notes here and there, so this takes a long time.  I may adjust my rotation so that I have a fiction and a Dharma book on the go at the same time – but this could be dangerous for my study commitment!  Reading a Welsh book is inevitably quite slow, but the beginners books for my level of Welsh are usually quite short, so they do not take too long.

Good luck with your resolutions for 2014, if you have made any, and I hope you enjoy my scrawls and scribbles this year.

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