Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sunday in the park

On Sunday we cycled to Roath Park for brunch.  The Terra Nova café—recently refurbished—offers a tasty feta and bacon salad with crispy bread.  After eating we walked around the lake.  The lake is not huge but delightful, with many wonderful trees.  A great number and variety of wildfowl live at the lake including many swans.

We noticed that crazy golf is a new addition to the family facilities in the play area.  If they let old fogies play we may have to have a go on our next visit.

’ö-Dzin has become quite a skilled photographer and recently I have caught the bug and signed up to Instagram (see links at the left of the page).  I am not intending to become so engrossed in photography as he has, but it is interesting how awareness of a potential photograph can intensify one’s connection with the sense fields.  The details and interesting features he has used in his blip foto images has made me more aware of my environment. 

I don’t know the name of these flowers – they look rather like crocuses but it is the wrong time of year.  They looked luminous and were quite startling to suddenly come across on a grassy bank.

I love trees like this.  What is it like inside this hole?  Who lives in there?  How far does it extend?  I wonder if I heard and read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a few too many times when I was young, as holes in trees or secret places in undergrowth always make me wish I could become very small and explore them.  I also love exploring caves and tunnels.  Sometimes I take the long route to Penarth just so that I can drive through the tunnel!


  1. I suspect the flowers may be colchicum - commonly known as Autumn croci - a little gem for the Autumn months.

  2. Thank you Shé-zér. They were very beautiful. I quite fancy some for the garden. Hope you have recovered from your cough.


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