Monday, 22 August 2011

Secret cemetery

Last weekend we visited Llandaff – a city within the city of Cardiff and home to a beautiful cathedral.  First of all we had a refreshment break at Jaspers – a delightful tea room on the high street which I highly recommend.  Our plan had been to be in Llandaff earlier and visit my mother before her tea time.  We were running a little late however and so decided it would be better to visit her after tea instead.  This meant we had nearly an hour to spend and we decided to visit the cathedral.

When we arrived at the entrance to the cathedral however, there appeared to be a ceremony taking place and we did not want to disturb them.  So we wandered down the road from the cathedral and discovered something magical.  Below the cathedral—between it and the riverside fields—is a pretty little wilderness cemetery.  Most of it is totally overgrown with gravestones haphazardly hidden among the undergrowth.  We wandered around the cemetery for over an hour enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and dappled sunlight.  It felt as though we had found a secret garden.

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