Sunday, 4 May 2014

Six days in Nepal I

We have recently returned from a whirlwind six day visit to Nepal. It was a wonderful trip with many inspiring experiences.

Here are two views from our hotel window. This one was taken in the afternoon when the hills have become visible through the Kathmandu smog.  For some reason the pollution cleared somewhat during the day.

This photo was taken first thing in the morning from our balcony. The surrounding mountains are not visible at all.

Every time we visit Nepal—this is our fourth stay in Kathmandu—the pollution is a little worse and more difficult to cope with. This visit we went armed with N95 particulate respirator masks which are supposed to catch everything. We wore them everywhere except in the vicinity of the Great Stupa which is still relatively clear. We also kept the curtains drawn in our bedroom all the time which at least kept the dust out.

I love Nepal and enjoy the friendly frenzy of Kathmandu, but it is not a healthy place to visit. I think the Nepalese government will have to start to do something about it soon. I don't know how their people manage to survive it.

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