Saturday, 19 April 2014


One of the street beggar friends we hope to meet again.

We are about to leave for Kathmandu in Nepal. This will be our fourth visit, and the first time that we have not travelled in mid-winter. We are looking forward warmer weatherespecially at nightand possibly less air pollution. In the winter every street corner has someone burning a pile of rubbish to try and stay warm and they burn everything and everything, including plastics. I hope we will be able to visit Nagi Gompa this trip, as it was not possible last time. I would dearly love to go there and enjoy the walk back down one more time.

Alsoif the air quality is betterwe may see the mountains. It was never clear enough to see them on our last visit and we were on the wrong side of the aircraft to see them on the flight home. It will be my first time in Nepal as an aspiring photographer. I am so looking forward to taking lots of photographs.

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