Friday, 19 October 2012

Hayling Island

Despite the entire summer being taken up with hospital visiting, we did manage to have a couple of respites.  We had a week in Tenby in June which was kindly covered by my brother coming to stay in Cardiff that week so that Mum still had visits.  We were also able to dash down to Hayling Island for a few days at the end of September to attend my cousin's wedding.
Shingle beach
I had never been to Hayling Island before.  It is on the south coast of England near to Portsmouth.  It is a small island joined to the mainland by a road bridge.   Apparently there also used to be a railway line, but that disappeared some time ago. 

Sea kale
It must be a great place to stay on holiday if you love boats, but it would not be my first choice of destination for a holiday – I prefers things a little more wild and mountainous.  The surrounding area is very beautiful however, and well worth more exploration.  We hope to go down again to visit my cousin and her husband, but we would not stay on the island next time – although this time it was convenient for the wedding.

We walked all day on our first day there, exploring the beach and nature reserve at the farthest point of the island.  We camped on the island with our fabulous combi camp trailer tent.   It is such a fantastic tent – so comfortable, and really roomy with the awning erected. We took our frontier stove which kept us snug, and—as we had electric hook up—I also took my electric blanket!

The frontier stove

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